Niols 40, Female

20 Days of twice-daily treatment (morning and night)

surgery was performed on the ankle

“I started using Skinsil repair treatment soon after the stitches were removed. It not only accelerated the healing of my wound, I didn’t feel any tingling in the process of removing the scars, and my scars were lightened a lot in just 20 days. I’m very satisfied! “

John 35 Male

8 Days of twice-daily treatment (morning and night)

Eczema on hands, psoriasis when stressed

“No itchiness immediately after use! I can feel that the skin is being protected and shielded instantly. A product of multi-purposes, which I sincerely recommend!”

Dickson 35, Male

30 Days of twice-daily treatment (morning and night)

Laceration cuts on foot

“Scabs were quickly formed over wounds and the scars became smoot after use. There is still a few melanin left, and I look forward to recovering in ten days.”

Chris 23, Male

21 Days of twice-daily treatment (morning and night)

Abrasions on knee with inflammation and puss

“I have used other brands of scar removal cream before but they caused my wound to become more painful and the effect weren’t obvious. I then switched to Skinsil for about a week, now my wound started to have only a tiny bit of redness, and the colour’s fading slowly.”

Tommy  7, Boy

21 Days of twice-daily treatment (morning and night)

Suffering from eczema for a long time, and the rash

“My son screamed every night because of his eczema.
We have tried other skincare oils and lotions, but they weren’t as effective as Skinsil, which is mild in nature and can effectively relieve the itching. The redness is obviously reduced. We will continue to use it. “

Ted 9, Boy

14 days of continuous use, applied twice daily (morning and night)

chin stitched due to fall

“Stitches were applied on his chin due to a fall and several brands of scar removal creams have been used but they all caused stinging pain. Skinsil’s the only brand that can make him sleep peacefully without any discomfort. The recovery’s very clear to see. We really recommend it!”

Moon 9, Girl

28 Days of twice-daily treatment (morning and night)

Abrasions and bruises due to falling down.

“After more than 10 days of use, the scars become smooth and aren’t raised at all. Skinsil’s ability to remove melanin is quite good, and the wounds are able to heal even quicker.”

Tiffany 5, Girl

40 Days of twice-daily treatment (morning and night)

Surgical stitches on forehead

“We started using 3 days after the stitches were removed , since the sooner the better. The scar’s become much lighter, and the granulation doesn’t proliferate!”